Night Noises

When I was little, my Mom would read aloud a picture book titled, Night Noises and Other Mole and Troll Stories. It was one of my favorites because Mom always did Troll’s voice with the perfect amount of frenzied hysteria. In the story “Night Noises,” Troll gets irrationally scared at the chirping of crickets and other noises one hears at nighttime. Mole is the steadying influence that explains all the racket.

I think about that story a lot because I now live in a little house in a rural area–and between the crickets, katydids, frogs, and other random creatures, nighttime is an out-of-tune symphony of chirps, squeaks, and croaks. Night noises, indeed!

It always fascinates me how the tiniest creatures can make such incredibly loud noises! Here is a song to help little ones understand how crickets chirp. This song is a bonus from The Mailbox Gold. Go Gold to get The Mailbox® monthly magazine and complete access to our online library of over 40,000 ideas and printables. Click here for a free trial.

How do crickets make noise? Why, they rub their wings together! Prompt students to rub their index fingers together as they sing this song.

(sung to the tune of “This Old Man”)

Crickets rub
Wings just right.
That is how they chirp at night.
With a cheep, cheep, cheep,
They sing to the moonlight.
Crickets rub
Their wings just right.


2 thoughts on “Night Noises

  1. I think “Night Noises” would be a fun book to read to young children on their fist camp out (Boy & Girl Scouts for example) to help them not to afraid of the noises they’ll hear once the sun goes down. the song is an added plus that could be sung around the camp fire.

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