Need a Hug? Win This Book

Tiny has a problem. He’s a T. Rex whose arms are very small. But his big friend Pointy needs a hug. What will Tiny do?

While we can’t mail you a hug, we can mail you this book. One lucky teacher will win it. (Update: Congratulations to Holly, our lucky winner!) To enter our random drawing, submit a comment to this blog to tell us one thing that seems impossible to you today. Comments are due by Wednesday, January 30, to be entered in our drawing. Good luck!


Here’s help for other tasks that might be feeling a bit daunting:



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The thing that feels impossible to me today is getting to the dentist on time. My appointment is hours away and already I just know I’m going to be late. Ugh!


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44 thoughts on “Need a Hug? Win This Book

  1. The flu is running rampant through my building, as such, today, it feels impossible to make it through this flu season withnout getting sick – though I’ll try my best!

  2. It seems impossible to get everything done needed to be done, while making everyone happy and doing enough for my students and have any energy at the end of the day, week, month or year.

  3. It seems impossible to get Reading assessments done this week with multiple kids out with the flu and now SNOW on a Friday!

    I will persevere!!

  4. To get the end of the semester stuff and the budget items done before the end of the day. New school system, new state, new experiences, new challenges, SAME goal of educating children and creating responsible citizens!

  5. It seems impossible that I will ever be able to retire. Went to a meeting thinking I was a few years away from retirement, but guess not. I sure would like to travel while I still feel like it!

  6. It seems impossible not to smile when a four year old tells you he loves you as he leaves for the day. I have had a lot of rough days in my classroom but the love of my kiddos always makes me grin.

  7. It seems impossible to be a wonderful teacher while also keeping up with mommy duties to my six year old when my mind is so preoccupied with worries and uncertainties about my one year old with an adrenal insufficiency being sick right now. ????????

  8. Some days seem impossible since being diagnosed with cancer. Coming to work and seeing my children everyday lifts my spirits and inspires me! I am lucky and thankful to be a teacher!

  9. Today I wanted to get my last book done for my work and it feels like I’m getting nowhere, an impossible task for today.

  10. It seems impossible to keep to my running schedule. The below zero temperatures, snow storms, now rain, seem to be against me!

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