National Pet Day!

Two of my fabulous felines, Rufus and Moose.

Are you a pet owner? My husband and I have five cats—and I suspect we’re owned by them instead of the other way around. They’re all boys, most are very large, and four of them are orange. Pets are so enriching and we love the craziness of our household. Here are the top 5 things said to our furbabies—if you have pets I suspect you might relate.

  • What are you doing??
  • Are you a good boy?
  • Don’t knock that down!
  • Who is so cute??
  • How did you get up there?!

April 11, 2023 is National Pet Day! Check out these programmable pet cards you can use for centers and group activities in your classroom. Simply click the print button, type in any desired information on the cards (numbers, letters, sight words, etc.) and then finish printing! 

Suggested activity: Add sight words to the pet cards, cut them apart, and then place them at a center along with writing paper. A student chooses a card and then writes a sentence that includes the pet featured and the sight word. The cat jumped on top of the bookcase!

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