National Moon Day

Today, July 20, is National Moon Day. Just to be perfectly clear, I’m talking about the earth’s natural satellite. One of my kooky colleagues gave me a funny look when I declared it was National Moon Day. I have a sneaky suspicion we had different “moons” in mind!

National Moon Day commemorates the day in 1969 that humans first stepped on the moon. Before I get too off-topic, you need to know that you can find plenty of moon-related activities and worksheets for the upcoming school year at Yes, you’ll find science ideas. You’ll also find ideas for art, literature, math, and literacy. Take a peek HERE.

Stepping on the moon has me thinking about where I’d like to step. I’m not thinking of stepping where no human has ever stepped before, I’m thinking of places where Diane has never stepped before. There are plenty of places in the US where I’d like to step for the first time. If I were to step out of the country, I think I’d choose New Zealand or Ireland.

How about you?

Where would you like to step for the first time?



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7 thoughts on “National Moon Day

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    This year we traveled to Europe. Now we’re planning a trip
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