National Crush Day?

I really do not have a tendency to jump to conclusions and yet… when I read that Friday, September 27, was National Crush Day I jumped. “What fun,” I thought! “We’ll chat about teachers’ past and current crushes. Seems like a lighthearted and fun topic for a Friday blog.” 

We are still going to share our crushes even though this September date is actually a reminder to crush and recycle your aluminum cans! I’m all about recycling. However today I’d rather chat about crushes of another kind. 

I’m going to date myself with my crushes. Dan Blocker, Peter Tork, Ringo Starr…who are these dudes, anyway? I had a serious crush on Tom Selleck. And what gal can deny a crush on Ryan Gosling? Mark Harmon is my current go-to crush.

Now it’s your turn. Come on, give it up! I know you’ve had one, two, three, or four!

Happy National Crush Day!



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