Most and Least Favorite Sounds

Do you like the sound of your own voice? I recently read an article that suggested that many people don’t like how their voice sounds. I do admit that whenever I hear a recording of my voice I think it sounds nothing like me. It certainly isn’t the voice I hear when I speak. The article did explain why this is. When we speak, the sounds vibrate internally and are transmitted directly to our inner ear. This sound is different from the sound that is heard when sound vibrations travel through the air and into the ear canal before reaching the inner ear. Interesting!

The article also included lists of most and least favorite sounds. This got me wondering what a teacher’s most and least favorite classroom sounds might be.

When I think about the classroom, the grinding of the pencil sharpener and that gag right before an explosion of vomit are my least favorite sounds. I’m also not a fan of sniffling. My favorite sounds would be joyful laughter, the happy hum of a classroom, and yes, I did have days when the final bell of the school day was at the top of my list!

What about you? What are your most and least favorite classroom sounds? Please share!




5 thoughts on “Most and Least Favorite Sounds

  1. I too do not like the sound of a pencil sharpener or the sound when someone is clearing their throat with their mouth open (it sounds like they are throwing-up).

    I do enjoy the sounds of children laughing, the sounds of pages turning in a book, or the sound (or the look on their face) a child makes when they finally “get it!” 🙂

  2. I love the sound of my students encouraging each other….so spontaneous!
    I cannot stand the sound of chairs or desks scraping!!!

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