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Beds. Every year, some mattress manufacturer comes up with a new way to make our beds more comfortable. We were once encouraged to sleep on mattresses filled with water. Drifting off to sleep took on a whole new meaning. In this, our Information Age, many of us have bought into the idea of sleeping on foam with a memory.

What these sleeping options do not help with is the fact that sooner or later, we have to get out of bed. Most of us must rise, attempt to shine, and put on a face that is ready for the world. Mattress manufacturers don’t want us to get out of bed, so what’s a good way to jump-start your morning upon leaving that high-tech slumber platform?

It was easy for me to get up and get going when I was a teacher in a classroom, even though I was up at 5 a.m. I awoke and slipped into my day with ease, even in the dead of a New England winter, and even though one of my first orders of business every day was walking my dogs (in said New England winters). Why was it so easy? I really have no idea, although I suspect it had a lot to do with the immense sense of fulfillment that each day provided, plus coffee.

Leave your morning motivation tips in the comments and be entered to win a free book from The Mailbox! Consider it a great way to help your fellow teachers, as well as your second-favorite Mailbox blogger (me).

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25 thoughts on “Morning Motivators Book Giveaway

  1. We have “Star Mornings” . The students have a checklist of good behaviors to display. If they display these star behaviors then they earn free time on Fridays.

  2. Every morning before my feet hit the floor I make it a point to remember just who I work for. It’s not the superintendent nor is it my principal but for my students. They are the reason why I do what I do. If we can remember to keep that in mind it makes the bad days left frequent!

  3. Each morning I greet my students with a smile and a handshake. This also gives me a moment to quickly connect. If a student wants or needs to share something with me I can take a moment to address the situation as soon as I can. I’ve found this to be motivating to me as well as the students.

  4. seeing the smiling faces of the students, greeting students that I’ve worked with previously and seeing all of them excited to start the day motivates me 🙂

  5. I am motivated when I see students electing to do extra research on a subject because they are really interested in what they are learning.

  6. I start my morning taking care of my farmyard animals. My chickens, horses and goats seem so anxious to see me that I can’t help but greet them and smile. My motivation at work is about the same… seeing my kids bright eyed and anxious to learn. I hug them and nurture each relationship with a bit of banter. My new Keurig I got before the year started also helps me get going! When it is warm enough outside I take my coffee outside and greet the sun with my barn buddies!

  7. I start my morning by individualing greeting each student that enters my room. It gives them a postive way to start the day.

  8. We have to stand outside our doors each morning. I always make it a point (no matter my mood) to say good morning as cheerfully (and sometimes the kids realize that I’m being silly) to each one of my children coming in my room. This way they usually come in with a laugh and a smile.

  9. I use my phone as an alarm clock and when it goes off, I always get online and check my email and FB. That gives me a good 10 minutes of still lying in bed, but helps me slowly wake up. It works great!

  10. Greet each individual with a smile. Remind self and students to “Attempt great things for God, expect great things from God. Quote from /William Carey

  11. We have a routine that allows each student to take control of their morning and then they get to choose something they want to read.

  12. When I’m lying in my warm bed and really don’t want to brave the snow and freezing weather, I think of the smiles on the kids’ faces, the joy they get from learning, and the joy I get from being able to watch and guide them as they learn. I remind myself of what a privilege it is, and how I don’t want to miss a second of it. For me, that’s the best motivation there is.

  13. I am motivated to get up in the am because I love my job and the kids. Where else can I go to work and get smiles and hugs everyday.

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