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Here’s another peek at your buddies from The Mailbox!

Every year, employees at The Mailbox are recognized and appreciated for their dedication, hard work, and loyalty to the company. You may have read a blog or two about our annual Employee Appreciation Day. I’m probably speaking for most employees when I say this is one of the best working days, if not the best working day, of the entire year! 🙂

This year, several employees reached professional milestones of ten or more years at The Mailbox. Congrats to Troy and Xiaoyun (ten years), Sharon and Anne (15 years), Donna (20 years), and Veronica (25 years)!

What’s your best memory from the past year?


3 thoughts on “More Photos!

  1. There is not one memory that stands out over the rest, but there is a quote that gets me through challenging situations with the children and co-workers alike…”I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget the way you made them feel.” I don’t know who the author is, but it is truly what I want my students to start out their early learning years with.

  2. There are many, but a recent Christmas program moment stands out. A young man from our 6/7/8 classroom with a physical disability taught himself how to move like a robot and impressed his classmates. As we practiced for our program piece, there was an instrumental section in one song and his peers invited him to step forward on the stage and do his “robot” moves. Needless to say the community was impressed as well the night of the performance. Several of my students are now trying to perfect their own versions of the robot.

  3. The memory that stands out for me in 2011 is the F5 tornado that struck my hometown Joplin, Mo on May 22. One hundred and sixty-two people lost their lives.This was the deadliest tornado in recorded history. Out of this disaster have come so many stories of heroism! Volunteers from across the country and around the world have responded in numbers that have been overwhelming! The local school Superintendent was named one of Time magazine’s people of the year for his determination to have every child back in school in August in spite of the fact that many schools including the high school were destroyed. Everyone has stepped up to support the restore Joplin effort! This makes me so proud to be a teacher and especially a teacher from the heartland of American where the American spirit of hope is alive and well!

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