Mood Duster

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 8.11.36 AMI’d heard of mood rings and mood bands. In fact, I even owned a mood ring at some point in my life. However, I’d never had the pleasure of seeing a mood duster! Check this out. It’s the perfect classroom management tool. Simply display a duster in your classroom—any type will do. Use the duster to “dust off” crankiness and other temporary moods displayed by students. While there’s no guarantee, there’s an excellent chance you’ll receive smiles and giggles in response. Come to think of it, having a mood duster at home isn’t a bad idea either! Ha!

I love to discover creative uses for everyday objects—you know, like using plastic soap dishes as crayon holders and microfiber facial pads as whiteboard erasers. What ideas do you have? I’d love to hear about them. And let me know what you think of the mood duster too!



5 thoughts on “Mood Duster

  1. I Teach Kindergarten. The little loves are always coming up with owies, itches, and the like so I have a “magic” spray bottle that I squirter on their ailment and it usually does the trick and heals it all gone!
    Of course if they are bleeding or it actually looks like there is something there off to the nurse they go.

  2. Binder rings and S-hooks:
    Make sets of flash cards for various topics (short vowel words, addition facts, etc.), hole punch a corner, and put a binder ring through each set. Hang them from S-hooks that are hanging from the chalk tray (whiteboard markers tray). Students choose a set to practice when they finish seatwork.

  3. Can always use ideas for classroom management. Am preschool special ed. teacher. Students range from ages 3-5, and disabilities range from severe and profound to mild.

    Love the “mood duster” and the idea of using plastic soap dishes for crayon holders. I have been trying to figure out crayon holder for a long time. This one just might do the trick.

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