Mittens or Gloves?

Are you smitten with mittens or gaga for gloves? I’m a glove gal myself on most days. When I wear mittens I have trouble hanging onto stuff. (Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!) 

You’ll find a great selection of mitten and glove activities at Search “mittens” and you’ll be lookin’ at 246 winter-themed mitten activities. Search “gloves” and you’ll find 65 activities that include winter, baseball, and boxing gloves.

Click here and you’ll be taken to an activity that combines mittens and gloves, opinion writing, and math. The printables are for younger kiddos, however if you teach an upper grade you can easily adapt the idea to fit your needs.

I guess I’m behind the times a bit. I had no idea there was yet another kind of mitten/glove. Some folks call them lobster mittens and others call them lobster gloves. These hand warmers join the index and middle fingers together and the ring and pinky fingers together. I might like these, though I think I’d rather have my index finger on its own and my remaining three fingers together. 

So what’s your hand warming preference: mittens, gloves, those lobster thingies, or something else? 

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6 thoughts on “Mittens or Gloves?

  1. I am a fan of gloves for more business and serious purposes, but when ice skating, sledding, hiking, etc. mittens tend to keep my hands warmer, especially genuine wool lined, so I would vote for mittens in many situations. Very cozy.

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