Merry “Thanksgiving-mas”!

During my morning commute, I flip between two different radio stations—back and forth and back and forth—looking for appealing music. About two weeks ago, one of “my stations” went to all Christmas music. I did a lot of grumbling and ranting and muttering about how we have to jump into every holiday way too early. I mean, I still have some Halloween candy in my cupboard and was just getting in the mood for turkey and stuffing. (I love stuffing.)

So I kept away from that station for the past two weeks, but this morning, I couldn’t find anything to listen to. So…I listened to the Christmas station, and now I’m feeling all festive. I’m ready to decorate a tree and wrap some presents! I know it isn’t right. I still haven’t had my stuffing yet! But I can’t deny that I’m starting to feel pretty Christmas-y.merrythanskgiving

To commemorate my early slide into the Christmas spirit, here’s a spiffy and simple Christmas craft: Have students cut out a simple house shape and then squeeze draping lines of glue on the shape. Next, instruct them to sprinkle glitter and hole-punched dots on the glue. These projects look super cute displayed on a wall with a nighttime snow scene!

Are you ready for the holidays?



One thought on “Merry “Thanksgiving-mas”!

  1. I am almost ready. Working on the parent gifts again today but we are almost through. 50 kids 50 parent gifts and only 10 more to go. Yay me. Time to relax and enjoy the holidays.

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