Memememe Time

      Diane’s memememe time.

When you read this blog I can promise you one thing—I won’t be at my desk. No, I won’t be at the printer or in the ladies room either. I’ll be home for a few days of what I’m calling my memememe time. It’s just two days, however when these two days are paired with the Christmas holiday I’ll be off for five whole days. Can you guess which days I’m taking? (You just can’t take the teacher out of me!)

Anyway, you know how I can get these crazy ideas, right? Well, I decided an acrostic was in order for my winter break. Here’s mine. Now it’s your turn! Take a minute and leave your winter break acrostic in the comment section below. 


Wishing you the best winter break ever!



9 thoughts on “Memememe Time

  1. Admire yearly traditions
    Make amends
    Absolute forgiveness
    No regrets
    Do not sleep away the days
    Admire the innocence of my son

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