Math at the Core

Okay, class, raise your hand if you’re implementing Common Core State Standards for Math this school year.

Hmmmm, that’s an impressive show of hands. (I assume.)

Here at The Mailbox, we’ve been keeping a close eye on the similarities and changes coming to the upper grades courtesy of Common Core. We’re aligning our upper grades resources with Common Core State Standards to make sure you have what you need when you need it. However, we’ve noticed that there have been some interesting additions and subtractions from the curriculum.

Have you noticed the same thing? Perhaps you’re looking around wondering where median, range, mode, and other topics are going to fall in the school year.

Furthermore, we’re curious to know if you’re using new textbooks and new supplemental materials to teach an all-new curriculum. How is it going?

Express your hopes, your fears, and your opinions here. We promise to be supportive!

One thought on “Math at the Core

  1. The best series out there to meet common core is McGraw Hill’s MYMATH series. It is teacher friendly, kids love the smart board activities, and kids know the material at the end of the year. I used it last year and my scores were amazing,

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