Managing the Classroom


One of the main reasons teachers leave the profession is due to challenges managing a classroom. In my totally subjective opinion, far too few colleges and universities do a good job of teaching education students how to deal with students who act out, how to manage classroom transitions, and how to handle disciplinary issues. The total number of classes I had on classroom management in college? Zero. So every few months, I like to do a blog that highlights some classroom management tips that will help your classroom run more smoothly! Here are my current favorites:



This tip will help you manage student participation and classroom helpers!







Adapt this idea by adding stickers for good behavior during circle time or snack time!




                                                                                                                                                             Have little ones take this pledge daily or weekly to remind them to be kind and responsible in the classroom.



5 thoughts on “Managing the Classroom

  1. Some great ideas, but I can’t use any of them. The dice idea is to complicated for my 3 year old non English speaking children. And the other 2 ideas are against school policy. Keep posting more so I. An find ones that I can use at my school.

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