Make and Print Tools!

We all like to have options—different potato chip flavors, different ice cream choices, and paint colors in every shade and hue. After all, we’re all different and have different needs, likes, and dislikes. That’s why I’m tickled that our Make and Print tools have new borders. It’s great to have lots of options! What are Make and Print Tools, you ask? They’re tools that make your life easier and they come with your subscription to The Mailbox Gold. 

With Make and Print Tools, you can create your own word cards, sentence cards, name cards, bingo games, spelling lists (with activity options you can select), as well as instant forms, math tools, and language arts tools. You can use these tools to create what you need and add colorful and fun borders—or no border at all! Gold members can access these tools on their homepage. Just look for the toolbar like the one below and make sure you set your printer scale to “Fit to printable area.” 

Interested in becoming a Gold Member? You’ll get the Make and Print Tools with our sassy new borders, plus the monthly online magazine and access to our HUGE online library of activities and printables—all in the grade level of your choice. Click here for more information. 



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