Love Your Pet!

This Thursday, February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day! I have three spoiled cats (Ralph, Rufus, and Moose) who get loving every day, but I will certainly give them some extra treats this Thursday. They deserve all the love because I benefit from them so much! Did you know that having a pet can–

  • Decrease blood pressure.
  • Improve mental health.
  • Ease pain.
  • Help keep you fit.
  • Provide social connections.
  • Decrease stress.

My little house lions are worth every hairball I clean up. This Thursday, use this set of cards to discuss the needs of pets with your students. 


Then place this set of cards in your writing center to inspire youngsters’ pet stories!




One thought on “Love Your Pet!

  1. I have two dogs Autumn a Pitt Bull Lab Mix and Buddy Girl a Jack Russell Terrier. I adopted Autumn from an Animal Shelter and saved Buddy Girl from roaming the streets. They receive so much love and attention from my husband , my and me. They are so spoiled rotten with toys and treats. I wish I knew what Buddy Girl was saying because we tend to carry on conversations daily. It’s as if she’s talking back when you ask her something. I fact it sometimes sounds like she’s saying Yes or Out. Lol! I’ll be sure to give them some extra love and attention tomorrow on their special day.

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