Letting Loose with Dr. Seuss!

In just a little more than a week, March 2nd will roll around and we all know what that means—it’s Dr. Seuss Day! So what kinds of fun things do teachers do to celebrate the birth of this awesome author? If I tried to tell you, this blog would go on forever and ever and ever! Teachers are so creative! So to narrow my search, I decided to take a peek at the special ways teachers celebrate individual Seuss books.  I’m hoping you’ll add some more ideas in the comment section below and maybe find a new idea in my list as well!

Proud to be a Reader!

Fox in Socks Day: wear mismatched socks, wear crazy socks
Cat in the Hat Day: wear red, dress in black, wear stripes, wear a wacky hat
Horton Hears a Who Day: complete Random Acts of Kindness toward others
Wacky Wednesday: wear your clothes backwards or inside out,  wacky hair day, wacky socks day
The Lorax Day: wear orange, wear a mustache
Green Eggs and Ham Day: wear green
If I Ran the Zoo Day: wear animal prints, bring a stuffed animal to school to read to today, wear polka-dots
One Thing and Thing Two Day: grab a friend and dress up as twins
Oh the Places You’ll Go Day: dress for success, wear clothing that supports a favorite college
The Sneetches: wear stars
One Fish, Two Fish Day: wear red and blue

“You can find magic wherever you look.
Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.” -Dr. Seuss


3 thoughts on “Letting Loose with Dr. Seuss!

  1. The week of March 2nd is always Dr. Seuss week at our school and our 2nd grade classes put on “Seussical Jr.” program. This is a shorten version of the “Seussical” musical. Also, we do dress up everyday for one of his books.
    We do use several of the books listed above, but one that is not mentioned is the Sleep Book and our students/staff wear pajamas to school.

    • Barbara, The Seussical Jr. program sounds like so much fun! And I love the PJ idea for the Sleep Book. Maybe we’ll try that one here! :+)

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