Let’s Smile Anyway!

A smiling meerkat makes me smile too!

I was so tickled when I read that May 14-June 14 is National Smile Month. It seemed a perfect fit for this time of the school year. Teachers and students have only a few days or weeks left in the year and while some tears may be shed, there will be plenty of smiles too.

Well, silly me. National Smile Month is May 14–June 14. But imagine my surprise when I read on to find it’s actually a dental health celebration that takes place in the UK—not the school year wrap-up I was picturing. Ha!

Here’s the deal. I still want to know what makes you smile. End of the school year? Laughter? Another person’s smile? Spill the beans about your smile habits right here on the blog.

You know what makes me smile? Hearing from y’all!



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9 thoughts on “Let’s Smile Anyway!

  1. True Story: The teachers use flavored/scented lip balm as a reward for students listening, paying attention, etc. We call them ‘smellies.’ Kids love them. One day a student looks at me and says “Hey, wouldn’t it be funny if teachers were just using chap stick instead of smellies…?’ This didn’t just make me smile,,,, it made me laugh out loud!!! Kids are hilarious and it is their spontaneous comments that make teaching an adventure every day.

  2. These are just a few that came to mind:
    * Greeting from the children and their parents/guardians as they enter and leave the building. + Hugs and kind words.
    * Seeing the children model you and others in their role playing.

  3. Always the kiddos. No matter how bad the day I have always found something they said or do puts a smile on my face. The other biggie is my family. They make me smile

  4. I have the toughest class ever this year, and many days I do not smile too much, because if I give and inch they go a mile. Very hard to keep them on task. But every once in a while the things that are said and done in my class just crack me up and the kids think it’s the bomb when I just laugh and can’t help it. Of course it still takes me 15 minutes to get them to regroup but sometimes you just have to laugh.

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