Let’s Make a List!

October 30, 2023 is Checklists Day! It’s a day dedicated to all those who use checklists to keep their lives organized and on track. I had a Halloween party this past weekend. The first thing I did Saturday morning? Make a list of all the tasks I needed to accomplish before people started arriving that evening. It looked something like this:

  1. Go to the grocery store
  2. Clean the bathroom
  3. Make sliders
  4. Vacuum downstairs
  5. Put out wine glasses and cups
  6. Shave legs
  7. Put on costume

Now I’m not saying I would forget everything without a list—but there is a chance I would end up hosting a party with fuzzy carpeting, hairy legs, and half a costume. 

Print this worksheet that encourages list-making and problem solving! 




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