Let’s Learn About Butterflies!

Fun Fact: Monarchs are the only butterflies that migrate like birds do.

It’s Learn About Butterflies Day. I wonder who decided that March 14th was a good day to focus on butterflies? Currently I’m still wearing chunky sweaters and we’re getting a wintery mix outside…and I’m in North Carolina! But it’s certainly nice to focus on these lovely critters instead of the sloppy mess outside the window. Help your students learn about butterflies with these neat printables!



Students identify the parts of a
butterfly with this activity sheet.







Students become butterfly experts
with this five page booklet!









2 thoughts on “Let’s Learn About Butterflies!

  1. My Father used to find cocoons during our hikes in the woods on my aunt’s farm and bring them home. He’d put them up on our kitchen cabinet. He’d check them every day to see if the butterflies were ready to emerge. My mother used to get so upset because they would flutter through our house drying their wings. Mom always had cut flowers in a vase on our dining room and kitchen table so they would have flowers to rest on and get the pollen and/or nectar.
    The best memories however are seeing the sky filled with Monarch Butterflies going south for the winter.

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