Lesson Planning in Spring Fever Season

flowersWe’ve had a few days here in North Carolina that were warm enough for my sons to run around outside in shorts and T-shirts. So I imagine that these longer daylight hours are having a similar effect on kids all across the country, even in your own classroom. Spring fever is about to outduel the flu as a teacher’s worst lesson-planning enemy.

A big deal for my boys when we lived in New England was taking the short walk from their classrooms down to the beaver pond beyond the school parking lot and through a small stand of pines. More than just a quick outing, this was an opportunity to study ecosystems, seasons, geology, you name it!

Do you have spring teaching ideas that take you and your students outside? How do you deal with your students’ bouts of spring fever? With upper grades children thinking about spring sports and warm weather, how do you keep them focused on what needs to be done in the classroom?

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Photo by Piotr Menducki/courtesy of stock.xchng

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