Leaping for Leap Year? Here’s a Prize You’ll Love

Leap Year always seems special. There’s just something fun about that extra day tucked into February.

That got me thinking about other things that are rare and unusual, such as animals at risk of becoming extinct. Under Threat (Candlewick Studio) is an album of endangered animals. Student learn about the rare Australian numbat, a bushy-tailed mammal that survives only in two nature reserves; the endangered tapanuli orangutan, found in Indonesia and the rarest of all great ape species; and the critically endangered sunda pangolin, a scaly, toothless mammal that eats only ants and termites.They’re all rare and fascinating. I know you want to win this book!

To enter our contest, share if you’ll be doing something fun in your classroom to highlight leap year. Submit your comments to this blog by Thursday, March 12. One lucky teacher will be randomly selected to win. Congratulations to our winner Raquel!

Take a leap into this week’s awesome freebies as well:

The SpringBoard Math Challenge from SplashLearn is now open. Over ten weeks, thousands of classrooms will compete to turn year-end practice into a fun competition, and classes across the country will win weekly prizes. Enroll early for extra practice time and a special surprise. Get started at splashlearn.com/springboard/teachers.


It’s Doodle for Google time! Students use their imaginations to create artwork about what kindness means to them. Prizes include scholarships, technology packages, Googley swag, and of course the chance for students to have their art featured on Google. Find the entry form and all of the details at doodles.google.com/d4g/how-it-works. Entries are due by March 13.


Do your students think cursive is cool? Students in grades 1–6 are invited to share their thoughts (using their best cursive handwriting, of course!) and enter for a chance to win a certificate, medal, and more, plus a chance to be a cursive champion. Details and forms are at campaignforcursive.com. Entries are due March 15.

I’m trying to think of something fun to do on Leap Day; I’m hoping your responses will inspire me!


PS: Our digital issue has LOTS of prizes to win. Take a look here.


PPS: Just ran across these Leap Day math problems for upper elementary from NASA and had to share them: jpl.nasa.gov/edu/teach/activity/leap-day-math/.

18 thoughts on “Leaping for Leap Year? Here’s a Prize You’ll Love

  1. For leap year we’ll play fun games like leapfrog and who can leap the farthest. We’ll learn about animals that leap and we also sing leap year songs and make foam cup frogs.

  2. We are on February vacation still and won’t really celebrate Leap Year but I would have my first graders leap for joy, leap on a number line, anything to get them up and moving.

  3. Some fun things, including leap counting (skip counting) and one of my student’s grand mother was born on February 29th, so we are going to discuss what it’s like to have a birthday on that day!

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