Ladybug Girl Saves the Day: Win the Latest (and the Last) Book in the Series

It seems all good blockbusters must come to an end. The final book in the Ladybug Girl series is out, and I have a copy you could win. In this book, Ladybug Girl and her Bug Squad friends pitch in to help find homes for rescue dogs. I give it two paws, I mean thumbs, up!


To enter our random drawing, submit a comment to this blog by May 9 to let us know the name of your favorite pet. One lucky teacher will win!

Here are some other blockbuster freebies that we’re excited about:

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As for my favorite pet, while I hate to play favorites everyone knows Felix will always be first in my heart.


PS: Time is running out on your chance to win Oinktastic Peppa Pig prizes perfect for little learners. Click here.

44 thoughts on “Ladybug Girl Saves the Day: Win the Latest (and the Last) Book in the Series

  1. Peanut! A lovable dachshund… I’m currently writing a kids book with him as the star… basically what hi jinks he gets up to during the day when we’re gone.

  2. I have a Betta Fish, called Red Fred III. He is red and named after my grandfather, Fred. The III is that he is the third Betta Fish that I’ve had in the last eleven years.

  3. Growing up, I had a border sheltie collie named Midnight because my parents brought her home at midnight and she was black and white.

  4. Sir Bentley is my 4 year old Newfoundland who has as much energy as any human 4 year old. Who says Newfs are laid back? Not mine!

  5. Lucky is our six-year old diabetic cat who has eye problems and a virus picked up from a shelter. He is the best cat ever!

  6. How can you choose between two? I would say though, my little Dixie girl. She’s a sweet, super skiddish little mixture of something who was found in a box with her brothers in the middle of the road.

  7. Our dog, may he RIP, Yankee! He was a St. Bernard/labradoodle mix. He was this big good who loved to cuddle and was such a good protector over our daughter when she was a baby. We were devastated when he was hit by a car. But man was he the best!

  8. Guinness is our 1 year old golden retriever. We got him after I trained a very large yellow lab named Marvel for Paws With A Cause. After being a “puppy raiser” and then giving him up to a greater cause, was tough on the family, especially my 12 year old son. So we just had get another family pet. We had another golden prior to Guinness and Marvel, for 14 years, named Molson (yes their is a beer pattern here, but not big beer drinkers). Never seen two boys so happy to have a new pet in the house. Love my little fur babby!

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