Kids and Their Questions

Will you have a glass eye? Will you have amnesia? Can you see me now? These are a few of the questions students asked my best friend, who teaches fourth grade, when she told the group she would be having eye surgery. As teachers, we know children’s questions can range from absurd to thought-provoking. Check out this list of kid questions plucked from the Internet. Then be sure to share some questions you’ve been asked by children. This is going to be fun, fun, fun!

“Why do I have two eyes if I can only see one thing?

“How come I don’t have a tail like that monkey?

“Why were swear words invented if we’re not allowed to use them?

“How small are the people in the radio?

“Who named Earth?

“Why does old people’s breath stink?

Now that’s a great question. Let’s find out together!



3 thoughts on “Kids and Their Questions

  1. Student: “Are you going to have a baby?”
    Me: “No.”
    Student: “Then what is that?” (pointing to my full from lunch belly)

  2. Children are sure natural comedians. Any parent or teacher can attest to that.
    Myself: Who knows their address?
    Student: I do,I do.
    Myself: All right, let me hear it.
    Student: I have a church dress,a play dress and a party dress.

  3. Each year on Dr. Seuss Day, I show a picture of Dr. Seuss. And each year I get several of the following questions:
    Is he dead?
    How did he die?
    Why is he dead?
    Why isn’t he alive anymore?

    I’m serious – I go through this every year!!!

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