Just for Teachers: New Year’s Resolutions You’ll WANT to Keep!

I’ve never been big on New Year’s resolutions; that is, unless I can find a way to make things that are good for me a little more fun too. That’s the magic formula! I’ve recently run across some great freebies for teachers that follow that formula—these offers are good for teachers and students AND they’re fun. What could be better?

Submit a comment to our blog by midnight EST on Monday, January 10, 2011, to let us know which of these offers will make your list of New Year’s resolutions. One lucky teacher will be randomly selected to receive Our Country’s Presidents from National Geographic. It’s loaded with fascinating facts and photos. This is a book you’ll use year after year! (Update: Congratulations to Stephanie, who is our winner!)


Resolution #1: Healthy Eating

After a holiday food fest, healthy eating seems to be on everyone’s mind. Visit the USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council for free printable comics that you can use to introduce fun characters like Tase T. Lentil, Chel C. Chickpea, and Dan D. Pea. Plus you’ll also find free skill-based worksheets, science projects, a printable poster with nutrition fun facts, and a teacher’s guide. Click here now to check it out!


Resolution #2: Work Smarter

You probably don’t have any hours left in your day to work harder. So this year, resolve to work smarter! One way to do that is to locate a few rich sources that you can turn to again and again for lesson plans and activities—sources like Thinkfinity.org. Sponsored by Verizon, Thinkfinity.org features thousands of free lesson plans, activities, interactive tools, and much more. Spend just a little time getting to know Thinkfinity, and you’ll save yourself plenty of time in the year ahead. Now that’s working smarter!


Resolution #3: Save Money

What better way to save money than to get the teaching materials you need for free? Take a step in that direction by entering the X-ACTO $500 Classroom Giveaway! One lucky teacher will win a prize pack that includes a School Pro pencil sharpener, a Teacher Pro pencil sharpener, a Crayon Pro sharpener, a rotary trimmer with accessories, handheld sharpeners, and much more. Enter today!


And if I might make one more suggestion, I’m hoping your final resolution will be to keep reading our blog in the year ahead for more timesaving and money-saving ideas especially for teachers. Happy 2011!


16 thoughts on “Just for Teachers: New Year’s Resolutions You’ll WANT to Keep!

  1. Happy New Year! All of these are things that should be on my list of new year’s resolutions but I have already entered the X-ACTO giveaway as that would be a huge help in the classroom! I also resolve to try and work smarter and I always read the blog. Thanks for all you do!

  2. Absolutely Resolution#1 ~ My whole house has “fallen off the wagon” this holiday season. It wouldn’t hurt to bring more vegetables into my preschool for “Try-it Tuesdays” Happy & Healthy New Year!

  3. I think the resolution I think the most of is number 2. My husband is always telling me I am always working. I always have stuff I take home to work on, whether it is a educational activity or papers to work on. I think this site is an interesting concept, but I teach preschool so I am not so sure what this site has for me.

    I already do a health unit, I love teaching about my pyramid. Money is always an issue for teachers these days but we have become very good at making it stretch when we get it.

  4. Number 1 for the healthy eating. I have been on a mission all year to teach my PreK kids more about healthy eating and doing more healthy cooking in my classroom.
    Happy New Year to all.

  5. I have copied all the activities, teacher’s guide, and recipe for nutrition week. Nutrition week will start on Jan.3,2011 for letter Nn in our preschool classroom. I have entered the X-Acto Classroom Giveaway Contest. We could use the products and we would also share with other classrooms.
    Happy New Year and Thank You for all the info and resources.
    SHCS Preschool

  6. All three are definitely on my list, but #1 was my personal commitment. I’m not going to follow a specific “diet” but commit to eating more of a balanced and healthy diet and buy a LOT less of the processed, pre-packaged stuff.

    It doesn’t mean I’ll never eat fast food again, but I’m only setting aside a very small part of my food budget to “allow” for that kind of eating. Here’s to a healthier, thinner me!

  7. Oh my goodness…each year I make my list of resolutions, and they are generally the same things. This year I have chosen to do all 3 of the things on this list. Isn’t that funny. I think many of us are all on the same wavelength with this stuff. I have made plans and already started working on ways to make myself healthier in terms of weight as well as financially. As for working smarter I am definitely using resources from here and the mailbox to keep my class organized and on top of things!

    Thanks so much!!
    Good luck to everyone on their resolutions!

  8. Numbers one and two are on my list for sure….although I usually find Mailbox does great things for me, as far as working smarter!!

  9. I am a preschool teacher in PA and I like all of your resolutions. For me personally, I am going to try to keep Resolution #2: Work Smarter. There is just not enough time in the day to do everything and having rich resources at hand def. help to get the most out of the time you have. I keep lesson plans from year to year but always try to add new things to each theme or use completely different themes to keep it fresh. Thanks for the tip!

  10. For many years I’ve made resolutions that were unreachable. However the pass two years I have made resolutions I know I can be proud of. Healthy Eating is number one on my list of resolutions. This year my 3rd grade class has made a list of resolutions and we’ve posted some on our teacher web page. I talked to the students about resolutions and what kind they might want to list. Many of my students also picked healthy eating as one of theirs.

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