July Jabber

Can you find a common thread linking bikinis, mac and cheese, UFOs, fried chicken, jello, and ice cream? You can add in hot fudge sundaes, emojis, hammocks, hot dogs, kissing, and picnics. Wait, there’s more! Avocados, cheesecake, lipstick, and drum roll—Harry Potter’s birthday! Yeppers, each one is celebrated during the month of July. Some for a day, some for a week, and others for the entire month. 

I can tell you right now that at themailbox.com we are fresh out of teaching ideas for bikinis and lipstick! Haha. However we do have oodles of songs, crafts, worksheets, centers, and group activities for several of the other topics—even UFOs! Click these pics for additional teaching resources for each highlighted theme. 

Screaming for ice cream ideas? We have ’em!

We have picnic activities, patterns, songs, crafts, and worksheets!

This UFO activity reinforces high-frequency words, yet it can easily be adapted for vocabulary words, math facts, and more!









What’s your favorite topic for the month of July?

I may need to investigate a hot fudge sundae!!!

Stay cool!


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