I’ve Got Eyes For You!

What’s on my mind today? Eyes. I have an eye appointment this afternoon, which I’ve been avoiding. I don’t have an optometrist phobia, but I haven’t been all that eager to go due to Covid-19. It just seems like it’s a bad time to have someone poking around at your eyeballs. But I gave in and made an appointment because I suspect I need my prescription increased. I have lousy eyesight. 

And because eyes are on my mind, here are some super fun and spooky eye activities that are perfect for October. These are from The Mailbox® Gold! What is Gold? It’s what we call a fabulous package that includes the monthly online magazine, unlimited printing and downloads from our online library, and other goodies. Go here for a free trial. 

Students will have a ball with this patterning activity!





This multiplication activity is eye opening!


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