It’s Turkey Time!

They’re funny looking birds…I mean, what’s with that wattle? And their gobble always makes me giggle. Yet the turkey is a big part of our November and would have been our state bird if Benjamin Franklin had gotten his way. Check out some entertaining (and somewhat disturbing) facts about these interesting birds and then help students differentiate between fact and opinion with the project below!

Wild Turkey Facts!

  1. Did you know that you can tell the sex of a turkey by the shape of its poo? Spiral poo = female. J-shaped poo = male. You’re welcome.
  2. Gobble, cluck, purr? Yes, turkeys can make sounds other than the typical gobble.
  3. Scientists believe that turkeys have poorly developed sniffers! The olfactory lobes in their brains are almost nonexistent.
  4. Turkeys commonly peck shiny surfaces in an aggressive manner to teach a thing or two to the turkey staring back at them. Take that, buddy!

Click here to print this fact and opinion project that’s perfect for grades 2–3!

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