It’s That Time

You may not know that in addition to blogging, I also post activities, articles, and fun stuff on The Mailbox® Facebook account, which brings me to a conundrum I encounter every year around this time:  Should I begin posting back-to-school activities? It’s not a simple question. If I post back-to-school activities too soon, you all will give me serious flak for trying to ruin your summer. 

So I decided to post the question on Facebook to get opinions. Here are my favorite answers:

  1. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Can I say, “H*ll no?”
  3. We just finished on June 30!!!
  4. Not yet…please…

However there are also quite a few teachers beginning school the first week in August. So it’s time. To those who aren’t ready to see back-to-school activities, avert your eyes and pour yourself a nice summer drink. We’ll be here for you when you’re ready.


Check out these terrific back-to-school center and time filler activities! 



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