It’s Soon to Be Official

Tomorrow signals the first official day of summer. If the first day of summer was based on temperature, I could say for certain that summer arrived ahead of schedule here in North Carolina. Eweeeee! It’s hot. However the first day of summer, or summer solstice, has nothing to do with temperature. It has to do with the sun’s position in the sky and the hours, minutes, and seconds of daylight on that day. You probably knew that already. I, on the other hand, needed a quick reminder.

This summer I’m hoping each of you experience something new. I’m not suggesting you do anything dangerous or illegal—just something you’ve wanted to do for a while and haven’t gotten around to. It could be learning how to knit or singing karaoke. Both of those could go on my list, however the latter will need to be in a town far, far, away!

What about you? What will you try this summer?

Here’s to a summer of firsts!



7 thoughts on “It’s Soon to Be Official

  1. Doing the library reading program but my new thing is restoring my metal side tables for outside and a iron chair for my patio. I got this and will succeed at it

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