It’s Fall!

Let’s face it–lots of us have been feeling fall-ish for a while now.  I’m actually eating a pumpkin spice muffin as I’m typing this. And speaking of pumpkin spice, click here for an indication that we’ve gone way too far with the obsession with this particular flavor!

But I digress–fall is here! So here is a neat way to give your classroom a fabulous fall look and give your early finishers fun fall-themed options for activities!

Have a fabulous fall, my teacher friends!


6 thoughts on “It’s Fall!

  1. Autumn is here and it’s time for me to prepare my apple oat Greek yogurt muffins,followed by preparing a healthy homemade pumpkin spiced latte ????
    Next would be… soups on!

  2. Oh my gosh — I saw those pumpkin spice dog treats for sale the other day! I, like you, was stunned! That is definitely going a little too far. I wonder if dogs would actually eat them???

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