It’s all About Perspective

The next time you think teaching is unbearable, I encourage you to bring to mind this photo. Yipes! This past Tuesday five loggers (lumberjacks?) were in my backyard removing three trees that had thankfully stayed upright this past winter. I hated to see the trees go and at the same time I’m relieved they’re gone. (My neighbor is too!)

Can you imagine getting up every morning to do a job like this? If you’ve never seen a 50 foot tree brought down in sections, it is a sight to see. It’s like a choreographed dance between the tree and the loggers and their ropes, pulleys, and chainsaws. I was in awe. The branches came off first. Once the tree climber reached the crown of the tree, he worked his way back down the tree, cutting away large sections of the truck, all the while keeping himself safely attached to the remainder of tree trunk. Amazing!

Of course there are trade offs to all jobs. If you decided you wanted to be a logger, you wouldn’t be bringing home work to complete after your day was done. Your weekends would also be homework free.

I’m keeping my job! How about you?


PS: We have a forest of tree-related activities at Click here. See below for a few of my favorites for this time of the year. (Click on each picture to be taken to the project.)

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