It’s a Birthday…Again

I recently had a birthday. I just turned 43. You see what I did there? I put my age right out in the open. I figure age doesn’t really matter, plus it’s a lot better than the alternative, if you know what I’m saying. I celebrated with a “staycation.” It was the best and most mellow celebration ever! I sat around in my yoga pants, ate a lot of cheese, watched movies, and played around with some craft projects. (Hmmmm…that makes me sound like I’m a hermit and surrounded by cats. I have only one cat, thank you. And I did go out the next evening to celebrate.)

All of this birthday hoopla makes me wonder what you do for your students for their birthdays. Does your school allow birthday treats? Do you have any special traditions? How do you make a child feel celebrated?

2 thoughts on “It’s a Birthday…Again

  1. Each birthday child gets a crown and I made a seat cover that they use for that day. They get a birthday sticker and certificate from me.
    As far as treats due to allergies we no longer have them in class. But each parent is invited to pass treats out after class
    And of course we sing Happy Birthday.

    Happy Birthday Kim

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