It Is What It Is

I can tell you the exact moment as an adult when I gave up and embraced the crazy sweet-filled extravaganza that is the classroom Valentine’s Day party. I was teaching kindergarten at the time and decided that instead of parents bringing in tons of candy and sweets for the party, I would lead the children in a lesson on baking a cake. We would put the batter in a square pan and a circular pan and then use those shapes to create a heart. The lesson had both measurement and shape manipulation and it provided the food for our Valentine’s Day party. Huzzah!  

I sent out a note explaining that the children would be creating the special snack for the party and thus other treats wouldn’t be needed. I’m sure you can guess what happened. I was inundated with candy, cupcakes, and cookies—and now we had a huge heart-shaped cake as well.  There was so much sugar, I probably gained 10 pounds by breathing the air in the classroom. So I embraced the party for what it was…a spectacular cavity-promoting exhibition. Sometimes you just have to say to yourself, “It is what it is.” 

In case you missed it, these terrific printables were posted this week on Facebook. Click on each one to print them for your Valentine’s Day activities!

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