It Could be YOU!

It’s the last Friday in August and that means it’s time for our final summertime bonus for the year. Someone is going to win an ePacket valued at $10 or less—and it could be YOU! 

To enter for a chance to win that ePacket, simply leave your answers to the following quiz right here on the blog. (All quiz questions relate to August blog posts.) Score a 100% and you are automatically entered. Just be sure to take the quiz before, Wednesday September 4.

Congrats to Carrie, the winner of this summertime bonus!


Easy-Peasy Quiz

1. Karen is giving away four pairs of 

a. shoes

b. socks

c. gloves

2. Kim wrote about a day for 

a. pigeons

b. mosquitoes

c. radishes

3. Diane shared true stories from

a. pilots

b. teachers

c. chefs

4. Kim offered suggestions for when a teacher has a

a. cold

b. bad day

c. headache

5. Pout-Pout is a

a. banana

b. fish

c. hurricane

You’ve got this!




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