Is That the Sun? Win This Book and Head into the Great Outdoors

Would your students like to build a twirling helicopter? How about an air cannon? This book from DK is loaded with kid-pleasing projects perfect for springtime science.

I have a copy to give away. Let us know your favorite thing about spring. Submit your comment by Wednesday, April 25, and you’ll be entered into our random drawing. Good luck!


Here are some other outdoor-oriented projects that are springtime perfect.

Meet Ben & Holly. These best friends live in the Little Kingdom, a place so magical that grass and flowers tower above the land. At, you’ll find great ideas for enjoying outdoor time and magical ways to celebrate the end of the school year. Grab your magic wand and head over to to start the fun!

Spark students’ interest in STEM with the free lessons at You’ll also find tools for collaborating with colleagues, strategies and tutorials, and more. Click here.


If you can’t head out into nature, bring nature inside to you! Check out the amazing webcams at I can hardly take my eyes off the bald eagle nest in Decorah, Iowa. But I have to if I want to peek at the hummingbird fountain in La Verne, California, or the orca lookout in British Columbia. Take a look here!

Uh oh, I just found the webcam for Los Angeles Kitten Rescue Sanctuary. Quick, someone drag me away!


PS: We have two other contests still running. Enter to for a chance to win Glue Dots here and win two amazing poetry books here.

39 thoughts on “Is That the Sun? Win This Book and Head into the Great Outdoors

  1. I love the smell of spring, the warmer air, sunshine, longer days, and seeing summer on the horizon…especially since there is still snow on the ground where I live. 🙁

  2. Everything about the outdoors. Just being able to spend more time outdoors and being able to eat outdoors.

  3. My favorite thing about spring is that everything is reborn! Flowers and other plants come back, baby animals appear, new life everywhere!

  4. My favorite thing about spring is how everything seems to get a second chance. What a wonderful time for new beginnings; especially with Easter right at the start of spring!

  5. The insects! I love going on nature walks and helping my littles understand how these “annoying and scary” creatures help in the life cycle.

  6. My favorite things about Spring are the SMELLS – newly mown grass and lilacs; SOUNDS – birds chirping and flitting from tree to tree; TASTE – raindrops and fresh-picked strawberries; SIGHT – green plants, flowers blooming, rainbows; and TOUCH – baby animals and dewy grass!

  7. My favorite thing about spring is the SUN and WARM weather! I also love the colorful flowers and seeing the “green” coming back on the plants and tress. 🙂

  8. My favorite thing about spring is the rebirth of life – dafadills and tulips blooming, green leaves popping out on the trees, and of course all the baby birds!

  9. The warmer weather means planting vegetables and watching the butterfly life cycle, all in my classroom. I love it just as much as the students!

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