In the MOOOOOOD for a Giveaway?


The “First Friday” in June + National Dairy Month = a MOO-nificent giveaway at The Mailbox Blog! What more can I say? To enter simply leave your answer to the question below before midnight June 16, 2019. You’ll be entered to win an adorable plush cow pal, a story collection DVD featuring FOUR stories by Doreen Cronin and an interview with Doreen and illustrator Betsy Lewin, and a delightful picture book about a trio of rollicking child cows (I guess those would be calves!) and their secret superhero identities.

Here’s your question—it’s an easy one!

What is something you look forward to doing this summer?


Congrats to Rachael, the winner of this month’s giveaway!

Happy June!




78 thoughts on “In the MOOOOOOD for a Giveaway?

  1. I’m looking forward to hanging out my own kids and also de,-cluttering my house! I had a kidney transplant last summer so things got a little backed up. ????

  2. I look forward to relaxing for my six weeks off after summer intervention. 8 days of it in Hawaii, The Bis Island. So excited!!

  3. I look forward to going to the beach to collect shells, listen to the crash of the waves as they hit the shore, and bask in the sunshine while reading a really good book!

  4. I’m a PreK teacher in a year around school. I look forward to reading great summer stories that are carefree and fun and you can eat fun things like ice cream or popsicles and prove it’s part of the summer curriculum.

  5. I love getting outside and taking care of my lawn and working in my gardens. Of course, Summer reading is the best when sitting outside, under our 50ft pine tree and drinking a lemonade!

  6. I am looking forward to “What’s New in Children’s Literature” a workshop taught by a teacher who has a personality that makes everyone want to run back to the classroom and start setting up wonderful activities. Also,our brains need a little down time as they kids need things such as Go Noodle that are truly breaks from what they are doing. It give the brain time to work probably to want to search for new ideas from every source.

  7. Spending time with my grandchildren in the swimming pool and also with all the kids in our public library for summer reading!!

  8. I’m looking forward to spending time with family and friends. Also catching up with all my reading for pleasure and education. Finally just relaxing and rejuvenating for next year.

  9. Honestly, other than my summer vacation which I’m on right now (Hi from Disney! ( The one thing that I’m most looking forward to is running summer camp for my toddlers.

  10. This summer, I’m looking to recharge. I’m checking out some state parks, and then taking care of myself…eating right, exercising in the good outdoors, and going to family get togethers. I’ve got teacher workshops set up. Then in August, I’ll finish moving to my new room. The main thing is to take out some family time.

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