Illuminating Instructions

My husband and I recently moved into his childhood home, and we’re currently upgrading the light fixtures. In an effort to save money, we usually install them ourselves—an endeavor that involves a lot of time and copious amounts of profanity. After an hour of fussing with the first fixture, we decided to call the professionals. Honestly, I think we could have done it ourselves if the installation instructions were clear. (My husband also insists that the lighting I buy is way too complicated.) We encountered inaccurate descriptions, mixed up steps, and both missing
and mislabeled parts.

Perhaps the people writing my chandelier instructions would have benefited from more explanatory writing practice in their youth. 😉 Click here to get this worksheet for your classroom! Have students think of something they know how to do, such as making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Then have them write the steps on the provided page.

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