I Will Survive!

Have you ever thought about all the teaching experience we have between us? Lots of experienced teachers read this blog — that’s a bunch of knowledge about education all in one spot. Now, I think this graphic does a nice job explaining three things needed to survive as a teacher, but I’m sure you have other thoughts too. New teachers and teacher education students read this blog as well. And I can’t help but think that we need to give them tips to help them through the first few years as a teacher. That’s when many get frustrated and stressed out. Then these good teachers leave teaching.

Here’s my addition to the list: a physical outlet. Play tennis, run on the treadmill, walk around the school building every day, look into yoga, or just begin your day with some good stretching. It will decrease stress and make your brain happy. Plus it makes you an even better role model!

What other things would you put on this list?


2 thoughts on “I Will Survive!

  1. Always surround yourself with positive teachers who still love their job. Teaching is a stressful job and unfortunately, some only focus on the negative. Try to distance yourself from negativity, it will only bring you down. Teaching can be so rewarding and fun! You want to be able to brag about your successes and enjoy yourself! After 18 years of teaching, I’m still spreading positivity and loving what I do each day!

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