I Need a New Car!

Me and my deteriorating car.

Me and my deteriorating car.

My car has character. And by character, I mean that the gas gauge doesn’t work; the fan only works on number 3 (it’s pretty much hurricane winds or nothing); the car needs new brakes and new tires; there are three separate oil leaks; plus there’s something wrong with the ignition switch so it randomly tells me the coolant is low, the oil is low, and the tires need air (lies…all lies).

I hate the idea of having a car payment. Hate it! But I think it’s time to start hunting for a new car. Currently, I’m debating between a Mazda 2, a Nissan Versa, and a Honda Fit. Any recommendations?

To gear me up for car hunting, here are a couple of fabulous transportation-related freebies from our website. Enjoy!



                 Click here for this transportation worksheet.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Click here for this car pattern and programmable tires. Yes, you can program the tires with letters or number before you print!



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