Huge Giveaway: Win One of 200 Books From The Imaginary Veterinary Series

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In the series The Imaginary Veterinary, veterinarians are heroes to animals everywhere—especially those mythical, special-needs animals like unicorns, mandrakes, and Sasquatch. Written by kid-favorite author Suzanne Selfors, the books are perfect for readers in grades 2–7 who love adventure, high jinks, and perhaps not-so-mythical biology.

In the newest book in the series, The Lonely Lake Monster, Pearl Petal spots a monster in the lake behind the veterinary hospital where she and Ben Silverstein are apprentices. When they take a closer look, Ben is captured by the creature. Will Pearl save the day—or will she cement her reputation as the town troublemaker?

Read the Q&A with the author below and submit a comment to our blog by 11:59 PM ET on Monday, November 4, 2013, to let us know why this series is perfect for your students. We’ll randomly choose 200 lucky teachers to win a copy of The Lonely Lake Monster. Please note, to be entered into the contest, you must include your full name and mailing address with your comment so we can send you your book if you win. Your name and address will not be posted with your comment nor will they be saved; we are asking for these simply so we can mail you your book. Good luck!



Your series, The Imaginary Veterinary, features mythological creatures from a variety of cultures. How do you choose?
In each book, I’ve purposefully highlighted a creature that will be familiar to most readers (Western and European) and a creature from a lesser known mythology (Aboriginal and Eastern). Then, in the back of each book, I explore the origins. Patterns are revealed. For example, people have long shared a fear of water—hence the emergence of sea monster stories across the globe. When students understand that mythologies were born from the same questions, fears, and desires, they better understand human nature and the deeper connections between cultures.


As you researched the creatures that appear in the series, did you do any research on real-world animals and their medical needs?
Certainly. Even though these are stories about fantastical beings, real science plays a big role and is highlighted in the back of each book. The dragon hatchling in Book 1 (The Sasquatch Escape) brings up a discussion about the difference between reptiles and mammals. Because the leprechaun in Book 2 can’t swim, there’s a discussion about why things float and why things sink. Because the dragon makes rain in the soon-to-be-released Book 3 (The Rain Dragon Rescue), there’s a section about the water cycle.


Your last trilogy, the Smells Like… books, features a lot of high-stakes adventure but also creative problem solving. This combination is a big part of The Imaginary Veterinary stories. Does a vivid imagination lead to more creative or interesting solutions to problems?
Creative problem solving not only makes for a more entertaining read but it’s also a helpful skill in the real world. What better way to fuel this skill than by writing stories that focus on the impossible, implausible, and impractical? We’re all blessed with vivid imaginations; we simply need an excuse to use them. Sometimes students don’t know how to begin, so I’ve included many creative writing prompts in each book. It’s a starting point from which they can soar.


Was there anything that surprised you about writing The Imaginary Veterinary series?
I write the kind of stories that I loved to read as a kid—full of adventure, magic, and humor. Humor was very important to me as a young reader and still is! What has surprised me is how much I laugh while I’m writing about the book characters Ben and Pearl. It’s a joy to be in their world. I’m so lucky.


Can you give us a clue about the next patient at The Imaginary Veterinary?
In Book 3, The Rain Dragon Rescue, two very different dragons are introduced: one from the west and one from the east. It’s also the first time Ben and Pearl physically travel into the Imaginary World. In the still-to-be-released Book 4, Order of the Unicorn, we will meet two horse hybrids: the well-know unicorn and the lesser known and dangerous kelpie.



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309 thoughts on “Huge Giveaway: Win One of 200 Books From The Imaginary Veterinary Series

  1. I love the idea that her books are intertwine different myths and cultures . What a great way to promote imagination while teaching concepts. I would love to have this book!

  2. This series is likely to be popular with my students because not only does it involve animals but they are mythical ones which kids find fascinating. I love the fact that there is science mixed into the stories, what a fun way to learn.

  3. Hey, Vermont’s largest lake, Champlain, has it’s own monster- Champ. I’d like to see how a vet might help if he gets ill.

  4. What a fun book! Anything that involves imagination would be wonderful! And my class loves animals! They would enjoy reading this book!

  5. This book looks awesome – how fun and exciting! Where do these authors come up with all these wonderful ideas for books?

  6. My students love reading about animals and the integration of science concepts makes these books something I could tie important lessons to as well. Great for reluctant students!

  7. I love books and love to encourage my students to read as well as my own children. This book looks exciting just by the cover.

  8. I love books that tie in magic and humor. It keeps my students interested and reading. I also like that science topics are tied in with the story and discussed at the end of the book.

  9. This series has it all! Students will love the adventure, magic, and humor all in one. What better way to spark reading than including all of this and animals! I know the kids will love this series!

  10. I am teacher of 5th and 6th graders and also a single mother of three. I would love any book that will encourage students or kids to read and use their imaginations.This would be a great book for a class like mine that has so much diversity. As adults and kids, we often feel lonely, maybe this dragon can help us learn how to deal with our feelings.

  11. I work with children in grades K-8 and this would interest so many of them, girls and boys. Encouraging creativity, which builds critical thinking skills, is one of my goals for my students and I love how the author embeds the skill in her books. What great role models for the readers!

  12. As a kindergarten teacher, I really think that these books capture the imagination of early young readers. Being able to capture the imagination of young readers can be difficult, but I feel that these books do an amazing job.

  13. I have always been an avid reader. As a teacher of 30 some odd years, I still read books for all ages. I also have a variety of reading levels in my fourth grade class. Having a recently publish would truly excite my students.

  14. I am new to your series. I am an animal enthusiast and a new teacher for 3rd graders. I am so excited to ready your series. My students have caught the be kind to animal bug from me. My oldest daughter brought one of my dogs to meet my class a month ago. My room mate here in Roosevelt also has a mini Yorkie and she brought JuneBug over to meet the class.

    My students love anything to do with animals and pets. This series would fill the need of several of my students who are struggle to read right now. Thank you for your wonderful series.

  15. I have found that my most reluctant readers can get the fever from their friends who fall in love with a series. Students are interested in mythical and legendary creatures; this series feeds this interest. After a few students read and “love” the new series their friends want to try the same book. The Imaginary Veterinary Series sounds like a series that will become contagious. Adventure, mystery and a touch of fantasy—what not to intrigue and love.

  16. With all the new video games and apps I am struggling finding anything my struggling boys will read. I am in my 14th year of teaching and it gets worse each yer. I look all summer for new ideas and new books. I know if I can hook them on a series that will help, so far still work in progress! 🙁

  17. This book sounds super exciting and something I will definitely use in my after-school program for Creative Arts. Today’s kids require something a little extra that I don’t find in many of the chapter books they have at school. Can’t wait to see this book!

  18. I’m a reading interventionist and am always looking for a new series to get kids interested in reading (my own son included). Can’t wait to find the first of your series to read. Thanks

  19. What an interesting idea for a series! It qould be the perfect addition to my library’s collection for those reluctant readers that say, “There are no good books here. (But of course there are). This especially true for my 2nd and 3rd grade boys. I’m glad I found out about this series! I can’t wait to share it with my students in my library!

  20. What an interesting idea for a series! It qould be the perfect addition to my library’s collection for those reluctant readers that say, “There are no good books here. (But of course there are). This especially true for my 2nd and 3rd grade boys. I’m glad I found out about this series! I can’t wait to share it with my students in my library!

    (Please delete my previous post with my address)

  21. This is a new series for me. I am always looking for new series, especially for boys. I believe boys (as well as girls) will be very interested in this series. This is also a a great way to introduce veterinarians to the children. A great book for looking at occupations!

  22. This book would be awesome to own, specially with all the dinosaurs lovers in my preschool class. We are always looking for attention catchers for our precious preschoolers. This book can be read before placing dinosaurs, sand and sticks in the sand table. It so amazing how preschoolers can pronounce such huge dinosaurs name. Our preschoolers could extend their imagination to the fullest. We can’t wait to receive this book. Thanks for great ideas for precious preschoolers.

  23. I have readers in my 2nd grade class this year that range from Kindergarten through 4th grade level. This book would be a great addition to our Language Arts time as a read aloud. It seems to be a topic that everyone would embrace. And I love that there are writing prompts as part of the book. That is a great way to get the students writing about something they are interested in! Thank you!!

  24. Wow! This looks like a fun new series that is imaginative and adventurous! My two daughters and I especially love to read about dragons and unicorns, which is difficult to find an interesting series for girls to read. I also love to have fun read aloud books in my classroom, especially with problem solving! I can’t wait to read!

  25. Our boys need adventure and action, as well as characters they can relate to. When you throw in mythological creatures, you can build on their older friends book choices, which they aren’t ready for.
    Sounds like a good concept for a successful new launch.

  26. There is always a need for books that boys can relate to. This book also helps to supports students’ imaginations, which many students need help with in the days of technology

  27. I teach first grade and the reading level is for 2nd and up, but I know my advanced readers would really enjoy these characters. I’m always looking for new and interesting material to challenge my young readers.

  28. My students love animals of all kind but especially those that exist only in fantasy worlds. I think they would love this series.

  29. After doing a bit of research, I feel that this series may be perfect for my students. The community I teach in is a low income area and the my students see and learn a lot of adult things very young. My colleagues and I are always trying to create learning experiences where our students have to use their imagination and when reading “create a picture in their mind”. This series looks like it will be able to achieve all our goals because of how it’s written especially because of all the different animals and adventures the characters go on. Plus our students love anything to do with animals!

  30. My daughter is one of your biggest fans! She read The Fortune’s Farmers Magic and she loved it! She can’t wait to read this one!

  31. This series looks like it is a lot of fun. The characters sound amazing. Book is great to read to both boys and girls. I can’t wait to read it.

  32. I’m excited to introduce my students to these books! I know it will be exactly what some of my reluctant readers are looking for 🙂

  33. This book sounds fascinating!I would love to share it with my students. It would be perfect because we are studing animals this year to make reports, learn about camouflage, their unique qualities, and make comparisons and contrasts. I like the sounds of the “Smells Like…” triology as well. I may have found a new favorite author!

  34. I am just putting book one into the school library and the kids are going crazy! They love fantasy stories, dragon stories, mythology stories, etc., and they already like the author’s other books. This series will be a hit!

  35. I love adding books to my classroom library that keep my students interested and eager to read more. This sounds like a great fit.

  36. This book series would be amazing for my 2/3 combo students! They are moving up through the AR levels and many are at this level. I love how it teaches the reader not only about mythological creatures but connects it to science, as well as adding in some humor. I already put the first book in my Scholastic order for my students and I will keep ordering them as the new ones come out.

  37. My students connect with animals and the unusual. We are an ELL/special ed class so I am always looking to build background knowledge about fantasy and reality.
    Stories also have to be unique to hold interest.
    These books sound ideal and I will be checking out the school library. Another teacher does book reviews for Kid lit and I will be asking her a few questions too!
    Many thanks for sharing.

  38. A book for all! The imagination, adventure, and caring that children crave. This would be a joy to share with any class!

  39. The students that I teach need good reading material to motivate them the read lots of books. The creative variety provided within these stories will be a great resource for me to have in my class library for the students to check out. My students will enjoy reading these books.

  40. As the daughter of a large animal vet I learned some many things about life science. I am an elementary librarian who does bug collections and some science experiments with the students. I’m excited to learn about this series! I can see that it includes objectives I teach, like compare and contrast, problem and solution, as well as cross-curricular research topics. It would be a blessing to get to share this book with my students! Thank you for this opportunity!

  41. As a substitute teacher, I am always looking for a book that will engage readers of various ages. This book has adventure and sounds exciting and with 3 books in the series, will help me to entertain kids that I substitute for on a regular basis.

  42. What a great opportunity! I can’t wait to hear the connections made when they listen to your stories. I love the connections to science! I am also excited to see and read the writing they come up with using the prompts. What a wonderful idea. Thanks for caring about kids and their desire to read!

    Good luck with your writing!

  43. This sounds like a great series that will interest lots of different children. I can’t wait to read the books they sound like a lot of fun!

  44. I’m a new graduate teacher, and I’m always looking for good quality books to build my classroom library. This looks like an awesome book and I’d love to make it part of my collection to share with my beautiful students!

  45. The one thing that my special needs students have in spades is imagination and they love to use it! This would be wonderful for my classroom!

  46. Wow! This sounds like a great series! I am homeschooling my 11 year old daughter (who’s interested in becoming a vet) and my 6 year old son. This should appeal to both of them!

  47. I think problem solving is a real necessity for kids to learn. Many kids are not able to solve their own problems and so others do it for them, and then as they get older, it is a real problem. I think this book would help teach the kids in a different kind of way. I also think that kids like to compare themselves to characters in a book to live their life, so this would do just that.

  48. I am a middle school special education teacher and most of my students are reading below grade level. This would be a great addition to my classroom book collection!

  49. My third grade students love books with animals, so this would be a great addition to my library!

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  50. I struggle to find books for my son to sit down and read. This one looks like it would interest him with the lake monster.

  51. Many kids want to be an animal doctor and series
    Like this encourage inagination too/ library would welcome
    These books.

  52. I think it would be a great way for my students to gain awareness of various cultures. It would also be a wonderful addition to our genre study unit!

  53. So many of my 5th graders list veterinarian as what they want to be when they are adults. They would love this series!

  54. I love books about animals. I have yet to read any in this series but after reading this interview I’m hoping I see it on our school’s bookfair shelves. I want to dive right into it. Besides, I absolutely love anything to do with dragons!

  55. My students are country kids. They love animals, but many are not big readers without constant encouragement. I am constantly looking for books to peek their interest. I believe this series would do just that.

  56. I’m so glad that this series introduces readers to mythological creatures from all over the world. I think mythology is so important for everyone to learn, and it’s equally important to know a little bit about the various ones that exist. Great series! I’d love to add this and future books to our school library!

  57. It so refreshing to see a series of books by an author who wants to stimulate the children’s growth in reading, writing, and across the curriculum! I will definitely be using these books in my classroom.

  58. I love to incorporate science content with reading skills. This book sound like a fun way to learn. My EL students are so eager to learn!

  59. My students would LOVE this book! It is so important to incorporate all subject areas together and what a better way than with The Lonely Lake Monster! Thank you for this opportunity!

  60. I teach 5th grade with a wide range of student ability from ELL to Challenge and these books would be great for everyone. They are perfect for the imagination of this age group and for getting my students excited to read, read, read!!!!

  61. Wow! These look like lots of fun. Kids love animals, especially mythical ones. I think these books would be highly motivating.

  62. Creative, imaginative, inventive…that’s what my students will be empowered to do when they enter the world of this series!

  63. My Students would love this series It may be a bit old fo them ut they love dragons and unicorns. Would love to win a copy.

  64. I think these books sound great! I am a gifted facilitator, so am always looking for new ways to challenge the thinking of my students and the ways that they view the world. Great fiction can always spur on great thoughts!

  65. The kids I deal with often have reading difficulties. This is something that they, male or female, can enjoy together.

  66. I teach oral def students an these books sound like they’d be great for colorful language an tons of interest from the kids!

  67. I’m very excited to learn about this series! I’m ordering the first book for my 8 year old daughter and for my second grade class right now! I know my second graders will love this series! (And so will I!!)

  68. To be able to reach just one student in my students with multiple learning abilities and see that spark through imagination… my daily goal. Reading books like these series is one of those roads we take, daily.

  69. I’m a teacher of the Deaf and this book would be perfect to introduce vets and mythical creatures. My students would really enjoy it!

  70. My second grader read the first book and would love to share The Lonely Lake Monster with his classmates during our after school program. He thinks they’ll love it!

  71. My 2nd grade “high achievers” classroom would love these books! The students in my classroom really enjoy science and animals. They are great readers as well and love pushing the envelope of the imagination. This would be a great addition to our library.

  72. There is no extra time to teach science and social studies with math and reading being the main subjects to teach. These books would be fun to help teach, learn, research and use their imaginations to learn about mythological creatures.

  73. I work with students that are struggling in reading. They need books that spark their interest and give them a desire to read. This book will certainly do so. It will also give them an exciting perspective on imagination. Thank you! Joy

  74. I can’t wait to read this book! Our team has been looking for mythology books to meet new requirements. These books sound like a great match. Thanks

  75. I like the idea of these books. I think anything that inspires imagination and creativity will spur kids to read more. Some books that teachers should consider using in their classes are also Mike Artell’s Petite Rouge (a cajun version of little red riding hood), Three Little Cajun Pigs, and Jacques and the Beanstalk.

  76. My students love the “Smells like ….: series, so I can’t wait to introduce them to this new set of books by Suzanne Selfors. The students like to read books with adventure, magic, and humor, so having all three of these themes should make a great book. It can also be a great tool to show examples of myths and I like that she includes some explanations of how these myths came to be. Sounds like a wonderful book!

  77. This book and series would be an instant favorite with a wide variety of students. It plays into the common dreams of childhood such as, imaginary animals, ambitions to become veterinarians, love of science, etc. that unfortunately so many adults lose. I’d love to share this book with them since that is part of what is most rewarding to me as a teacher…I have the ability to hold-on and renew my childhood with each new class of students that I am blessed to work with.

  78. In the push to tie in non-fiction with the fiction that our students read, this is a great way to discuss where something came from based on the factual information, and comparing the text with what isn’t realistic? My students love animals and I love teaching Mythology. This is SUCH a great way to do both!

  79. My cousin read the first book and LOVED it! She would be so excited to know there are more coming! The 3rd grade classroom I’m in would enjoy having this book for read aloud.

  80. This would be a great series for my classroom because it inspires creativity and imagination which my students are lacking. I work in a non profit school for under privileged troubled students who don’t get exposure to this type of writing. My students love to be read to but it’s hard to find book that will keep their attention and this series seems like it would do the trick

  81. I would love a copy of this book because of the book’s richness in the connection to all academic areas. We can discuss elements of literature, compare cultures based on the creatures included, investigate science of mammals, and delve into math concepts of creative and critical thinking in problem solving. There is so much to learn with this book!

  82. I teach fifth grade and I am always trying to find ways to integrate science and higher order thinking into my reading lessons. This is the first I am hearing of your books. They sound like a wonderful way to get all students interested in science. I also have my students write a children’s story each year that answers a scientific question in a fun way. For instance they might write about why the sky is blue. They would put in all the misconceptions as silly answers to the question, but in the end, they would also put the factual answer to the question. It sounds like this book would be a good one for modeling to the students how to integrate humor, reading, and science. I am going to head over to now and find the first two books in the series.

  83. I love the fact that the literary selections also prove to engage students in thinking skills and real-life application. Making these connections for students is a key to their continued reading interest. Thanks!

  84. This is the first year I have had the task of buying books for our school library. The Imaginary Veterinary Series sounds like it would be an excellent addition for us. I’m looking forward to checking the series out!

  85. I am a vet and my 7 yr old daughter thinks she wants to be one when she grows up. Naturally, the books she reads and those we read together revolve around animals. A friend sent me this link and now I’m psyched to go look for your books!

  86. I can’t wait to share these books with my 3rd grade students! We do read alouds often and I usually try to get them to read chapter books on their own by giving them a teaser. This looks like a perfect action packed series for them to fall in love with. I have several students who are wanting to be veterinarians as well. 🙂

  87. My students are readers who crave new stories. They love to read 30-60 min a day at school. I would love to add this book to my classroom library.

  88. They look like a wonderful read for the kiddos. During our unit on myths, fables, folktales, legends, my students were captivated with the characteristics that defined each genre. These look like they would mesh well to support our curriculum! Can’t wait to read them!! Many thanks for sharing your talents!! 🙂

  89. My preschoolers loves dinosaurs. They placed them in the sensory table and the blocks center. They bring dinosaurs together in the biggest imagination you can imagine. We will love to have this book to enhance to our dinosaurs collection of books. Thank you.

  90. Your series sounds perfect for my third graders and I would love to get my hands on one… whole collection, so count me in as a new customer. I am always looking for new reads for my class!

  91. It allows me an opportunity during our read aloud time to expose the children to a different author, a different style of writing, and it includes chances for me to challenge my children with creative thinking and teachable moments.

  92. I know that my students would love this book. I have a little girl whose father is a real veterinarian and she read the first book in this series and really loved it. She is anxiously awaiting the next book. She has told me that she shared the story with her dad it made them both laugh.

  93. Love the adventure combined with humor. These books would appeal to everyone, which is not an easy feat to accomplish. I know my students would love these.

  94. I love this concept…our class bunny recently gave birth and my students and I are talking about all the care these new babies need…my brother in law is my vet and I would love to be able to share these stories both with him and my students!

  95. This series sounds exciting! Having the opportunity to incorporate familiar creatures and mythological creatures into an educational read-aloud is engaging to all students. Including writing prompts for creative stories is an intriguing benefit to the series as well. I am excited to introduce this series to my students.

  96. This book would be an inspiration to any child. I would be very happy to get this book and share it with the other teachers.

  97. This series sparks a child’s imagination while encouraging them to learn and seek out answers. I would love to a copy for my class. I can already hear the laughter and see them gearing up for dramatic play time fun.

  98. I believe my students would love to read this book. Not to mention my daughter who wants to become a large animal vet. She would love the humor.

  99. This series sounds like something my nine year old homeschooler would find lots of fun. I have trouble finding things he enjoys reading, but mythical creatures, hijinks and adventure are right up his alley!

  100. This book would be awesome to own, specially with all the dinosaurs lovers in my preschool class. We are always looking for attention catchers for our precious preschoolers. This book can be read before placing dinosaurs, sand and sticks in the sand table. It so amazing how preschoolers can pronounce such huge dinosaurs name. Our preschoolers could extend their imagination to the fullest. We can’t wait to receive this book. Thanks for great ideas for precious preschoolers.

  101. This sounds interesting! I teach 3rd grade and they are so intriqued by dinosaurs even now. I think it would be a great book to read. I also think it would be great to use for comparing and contrasting, predicting, and to look at what a vet does. Sounds like a great book!

  102. My husband and I love animals – we have raised goat, ducks, peacocks, chickens and peasants and quail to release into the wild – We have also rescued many animals that have been hurt – I will look for this series.

  103. I would love to win this book. What a creative concept. My students could really use more examples of problem solving in their lives.

  104. I am always looking for a good series to introduce to my students! I love to read one with them and watch them scramble to find the next ones in the series. Good stuff!

  105. This series would be perfect for my students as they love mythology and adventure! Not only would they be entertained, but they would learn about mythological creatures which would be great as so many only know Greek!

  106. Love this book series, so much fun to read and to recommend to my students! Who does not love to read about mythical creatures? Cannot wait for the third installment!

  107. This looks like a high interest book that would allow many level of readers to enjoy in the upper elementary grades! Anything that makes us laugh and has to do with science works in our room!

  108. Our library has book number one which is very popular. No money to get number two. Would love it for our kids! Thanks for a great series!

  109. This is an exciting opportunity to start a new series with lots of interests for both boys and girls. What a cool way to get the kids excited about reading more chapter books in 2nd grade.

  110. This looks so engaging for elementary readers! I truly appreciate the “real science” that is incorporated in the books and the problem solving. What a terrific book to hook students!

  111. I think we need a new series to capture everyone’s attention. We can do so many things with this book and series in the classroom. The students can use their imagination to create the activities.

  112. The Imaginary Veterinary Series by Suzanne Selfors sounds like an incredible new series that will captivate its audience. I love how they are described as integrating fantasy with science. I would love to try this series.

  113. These books sound great, our students are writing their own stories about mythical characters and struggled with imagining a story around them, these would be perfect examples to use with them.

  114. I am an ESL teacher in elementary – I think this series sounds wonderful for my students to use their imaginations and get into something that is really creative. Sounds like exciting material to start a discussion.

  115. This book would be awesome to she students about diversity as well as showing them how far they could let their imaginations go. Also, just by the title “lonely” it could be used to show students how to help if they know someone who feels lonely or what they can do if they feel lonely.

  116. I’ve read all her other books. The smells like series were the favorite of my class! Can’t wait to read the new book!!

  117. I love how you incorporate Science into the stories! The students can see the intertwining and integration of how even fiction stories can contain both aspects of imagination and fantasy as well as true to life science concepts! The best of both worlds! Keep the books coming! My students loved the first one!

  118. This book would reach all the students in my classroom as I have a wide range of reading ability ranging from middle second grade to almost 9th grade.

  119. This looks like a great read for my class. I LOVE reading to my class and am always looking for new, imaginative books!

  120. This series sounds like just the type of book that would grab my students’ interests and get them to read, read, read! I often tell them that my love of reading comes from books being able to transport me to times and places that I would otherwise not be able to go. A book of fantasy tied in with real life science seems to be just such a book.

  121. This series looks like it will definitely appeal to my 3 grade students, especially the tough to encourage boys. It will capture their love of animals, sense of adventure, and imagination. I can not wait to share it with them!

  122. WOW! This series sounds like something that my 5th grade students would thoroughly enjoy! Sure would like to win a copy of one and give it a try. Fingers crossed!

  123. I teach 3rd grade and lead a Reading Partnership RtI Academy. The children work in pairs to explore different genres of literature. The Lonely Lake Monster meets Commm Core Standards at this grade level as it explores character traits, character emotions, character motivation, and plot. The children are also encouraged to understand the theme of the book as they understand their own real life connections. The author has also purposefully integrated writing and science! This would be a great book to have available at our academy!
    PS love your dog! I am also a Sheltie owner!

  124. They look like a series that would tweek both boys and girls interests of different level and style leaders. Kudos.

  125. This looks so great. I teach PreK but have a first grader at home and would love to share this book and others with our school!

  126. We talk a lot about fiction books vs. non-fiction books and this would be a great addition to our collections! The children love books about adventures and this book would be very popular in our reading center!!

  127. These books appear to be ones that would hold the interest of any child as well as promote thinking skills and creativity. Imagination is a wonderful tool for problem solving and these books seem to say that it is ok to imagine. There is also the background based on reality that encourage more interests. Would love to have them in my classroom collection!

  128. I love this author’s past books, and I’m looking forward to reading this new series. I think it’s a book that my 4th graders will absolutely love!

  129. I just ordered the first book from Scholastic books, and will be getting it on Tuesday. I’m super excited to have my 2nd grade daughter read it. She has the absolutely most active imagination I have ever come across in a child, loves all animals, real or make-believe and is quite the humorous little bug! And she LOVES Bigfoot- partly because Daddy has a huge fear of Bigfoot! It has become a family joke and my daughter is the head of most of the fun! She insists on recording the Bigfoot show and watching it, WITH Daddy!
    I can’t wait to have her read the first book and I’m already planning on getting the second book, unless I win it! She’s an avid reader, reading at almost a 4th grade level, but finding the “right” books for her is difficult. She’s very much a 7 year old little girl who still likes fun, exciting and quirky stories. This series sounds just like that! Tuesday can’t get here quick enough!

  130. This series would be an amazing one for my fourth grade students because I teach at a Title I school where over 95% of the population gets free or reduced lunches. These kids come from broken homes and have to “grow up” so much more quick then other students that they miss out on being a kid, going on adventures, and using their imagination. This series would help my students to trigger their fantasies and allow them to be just kids again. It would help them to believe in just having fun again as well as present them with the possibility of being a veterinarian when they grow up. This kind of series presents the type of students I work with, with endless possibilities.

  131. My kindergarten kids love read aloud time. Especially fiction stories. We tend to focus on non-fiction too much to prepare them for state assessments. Some imagination and make believe are just what they need!

  132. As much as the students will enjoy these series, I think our parents will too and encourage them to be more involve with their child’s love for books!It will help keep Parent Engagement strong at our school!

  133. We are studying habitats and also getting ready to design our own habitats for imaginary animals and writing stories. This series would be an ideal compliment for my 2nd graders!

  134. As much as the students will enjoy these series, I think our parents will too and encourage them to be more involve with their child’s love for books!It will help keep Parent Engagement strong at our school!

  135. This book would go great with the book club I started at my school. The discussion in the back of the book would help reinforce the concepts focused on in the classroom.

  136. I recently bought the first book in this series and my 3rd graders love it! The book is fun and engaging, especially to students who love animals and science like mine. We’d love to read book 2!

  137. These sound fantastic!! High interest fantasy tied entertainingly with real learning – perfect for students to totally love and tied with common core expectations at the same time. This reminds me of the Rick Riordan novels crossed with Magic Tree House with high interest materials perfect for grade 2 and up!!! I look forward to these coming out – They will be a big hit!!

  138. This series would be great not only for reading but could easily be integrated into my math, writing and social studies components. They love adventure, animals and using their imagination!

  139. I love this series. I teach prek, but I like to read chapters of The Sasquatch Escape to my students during choice time. My boys love the adventure. Your books have sparked an interest in reading that I couldn’t get with any other book. Thank you so much for making my job a little easier.

  140. I love this series. I teach prek, but I like to read chapters of The Sasquatch Escape to my students during choice time. My boys love the adventure. Your books have sparked an interest in reading that I couldn’t get with any other book. Thank you so much for making my job a little easier.

  141. I teach in a rural community so my students all have a love of creatures. I know they would love to read this series about mythical creatures!

  142. I would love to win a copy of one of these books! As an elementary teaching librarian I teach eight classes a day. I would enjoy using the book as part of my many lessons. I’m sure the that students would enjoy the book a lot!

  143. What a great combination of science and reading. Pets are always high on my students favorite list. Can’t wait to read this series with my class.

  144. My students would love for such an interesting read to be added to our classroom library and I would love to see how we could incorporate it cross-curricular! 🙂

  145. My kids love stories that involve magic and imagination. I am always looking for stories that help the students use their imaginations and allows them to laugh.

  146. My students absolutely love the first book in the series! They can’t wait for the person before them to finish so they can have a turn! I know they will love this one as well!

  147. Students love books that are full of fun and magic. What a wonderful way to wake up their imagination! My students would love this series.

  148. We are doing a study on animals my children would love these books and would love the adventure they would go on with these books

  149. I love this series. I teach prek, but I like to read chapters of The Sasquatch Escape to my students during choice time. My boys love the adventure. Your books have sparked an interest in reading that I couldn’t get with any other book. Thank you so much for making my job a little easier.

  150. This definitely looks high interest for my third graders, who love all animals, real or imagined. I can imagine many writing workshop opportunities coming from this book!

  151. I got my copy a couple of days ago. It is a great book, I read it through in about 2.5 hours and couldn’t put it down. Very engaging story, fun characters, great content. I love that there is a strong female protagonist.

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