How to Eclipse the Eclipse? With Freebies and Prizes, of Course!

In our opinion these freebies and prizes are shining stars. And you won’t even need special glasses to take advantage of them!


Here’s one to start with: Keep the post-eclipse excitement about science going with Super FUN Science With Cool and Challenging Experiments, new from Barron’s. Win a copy by submitting a comment to this blog to let us know how your eclipse viewing turned out. Comments are due by 11:59 pm EDT on September 5, 2017; one lucky teacher will be randomly selected to win. Watch your email to see if that lucky teacher is you!



For a truly out-of-this-world experience, apply for the NASA Solar System Ambassadors Program. This program trains volunteers to help generate excitement in their communities for space missions and discoveries. Learn more at Applications open September 1.

Every month Pitsco Education thanks one K–12 teacher by awarding a $350 gift certificate for STEM kits, hands-on activities, and more. Apply at


Turn the students of today into the Martians of tomorrow. The free lessons, games, videos, and more at cover everything from charting a course for your rover to staying safe from dust storms. The resources are for grades 5–8. Click here.





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14 thoughts on “How to Eclipse the Eclipse? With Freebies and Prizes, of Course!

    • I myself got a quick glimpse of the eclipse by borrowing a colleagues glasses. But the best part was telling my Kindergartners about the eclipse shadows! We looked at images of strange shadows showing the reflection of the eclipse within the shadows of leaves. As we were super worried about our little ones looking up during dismissal (which was the height of the eclipse in Orlando) I told them to look down to see if we could spot the shadows… and we DID! It was amazing! I even got a super cool picture that shows my shadow holding the camera and the leaf shadows with miniature quarter moons shapes throughout! IT WAS AWESOME!!! :O) Mrs. Crocker

  1. I hosted an impromptu viewing party on the front patio of my library with a few pairs of eclipse glasses that we had stashed away for patrons that were in the branch where I work as a children’s librarian.

  2. My eclipse viewing was on TV. I was teaching all through the eclipse- I teach Title One. Only the fifth grade students were even allowed outside for the day in our school. All the other students watched on the Library Smartboard or on the classrooms.
    It was beautiful even second hand on the TV.!

  3. Here in the northeast, we were treated to only a partial eclipse but it was so worth it going outside every five minutes, with safety glasses of course, to watch as the moon moved across the sun. My Newfoundland Bentley wasn’t so crazy about the viewing because he couldn’t figure out why we kept going out and in and out and in and what we were looking at.

  4. There are no words for the experience of the eclipse. . .I am glad my students will have another chance to view another eclipse in just a few short years!

  5. I live in Northwest NJ. We had a 77% view. It did get slightly dark always like a cloudy day. Unfortunately there were clouds so the view was not what I was hoping. Did watch on Fox News and saw Madras, OR, which was amazing!! Hopefully the next eclipse that starts in Texas and goes to NE USA will be more totality for NJ.

  6. We let my son miss the first day of school in Texas and drove up to Missouri to see a total eclipse. It was his idea and he was so hyped! He spent the eight hour drive home talking non-stop. What a family moment.

  7. We hosted an eclipse party and had a great turnout of all ages. We had NASA TV playing on a big screen and discovery tables set up with lots of fun experiments. Outside it rained and we didn’t even see much difference in how light it was because of the clouds. But, it was a great day!

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