How to Celebrate in Style?

How would you like to see a photo of all The Mailbox editors wearing aluminum foil hats? I’ll make it happen before the end of the school year. But you have to do me a favor. I need lots of ideas for how a teaching staff can wrap up its school year in style.

In the Golden Days of Yore when I was a classroom teacher, we found ourselves walking ten blocks to a city park for Field Day. How was this fun for the teachers? Well, it involved a lot of fresh air, sunshine, lush grass, and students competing in old-timey sporting events—directed by parent volunteers! The most stressful part of the teachers’ day was acting as “impartial” umpires in the class kickball championship

How do you and your colleagues mark the end of another successful school year? Please tell me it involves aluminum foil hats. Twenty or more comments with great ideas delivered right here before Wednesday, May 29, 2013 at 11:59 PM, and you’ll see The Mailbox editors in aluminum foil caps, I promise.

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