How Fast Is the Future Arriving?

Mix tapes. They were the best. I used to spend hours and hours putting together what I consider to be some of the world’s best music mixes ever. Ever. Without dispute. I was to the mix tape what a modern deejay like Deadmau5 is to electronic dance music. The advent of the recordable CD (or CD-R) didn’t really faze me at all. I adopted and adapted. But now, in the era of the digital song? I think I am done. My mix tape skills lasted a lot longer than I first might have guessed. The adoption of CDs took longer than I think the media was willing to admit.

I wonder if the arrival of e-learning—tablets, classrooms full of PCs or laptops, using apps instead of paper reproducibles—is the same.

How quickly is new education technology arriving in your school or classroom? For example, are you using tablets? Or do you keep hearing that any day now you won’t be using books— you’ll all have iPads?

I’m curious.

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