Hotel Fantastic: Win This Book and Hit the Road (Maybe)

I can never resist articles with titles like “The 10 Most Unusual Hotels in the World” or “12 Quirky Vacation Spots for Your Bucket List.” So it’s no wonder the new book Hotel Fantastic (Kids Can Press) grabbed my attention. Now this is a one-of-a-kind!

Submit a comment to this blog and let us know the most unusual place you’ve ever visited or would like to visit. On September 19, 2018, we’ll randomly select one lucky teacher to win this book.

In the meantime, here are some great (free!) opportunities coming up soon that will make you and your students want to hit the road, either literally or virtually. Take a look:



It’s always hard to decide the best way to commemorate the 9/11 attacks. This year try a free webinar from the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. Designed for students ages 11 and up, the program includes a virtual tour, stories from first responders and survivors, and a live chat with museum staff. Go to and search “Anniversary in the Schools Webinar.”


Let families know about this amazing opportunity: Smithsonian magazine is sponsoring Museum Day on September 22, 2018. Families can get free admission to participating museums, zoos, and cultural centers across the country. You can, too! You must register for a ticket in advance; go to I’ve already requested mine!



Since 2007, field trip grants from Target have helped millions of students gain new experiences. Grants are valued at up to $700. Apply by September 30, 2018. Go to and search “field trip grants.”


If I were at the Hotel Fantastic, you’d find me in the Sky Rooms.

Googling travel deals now,


PS: The back-to-school contests at Learning magazine are wrapping up soon. We have 123 prizes, so enter now.

23 thoughts on “Hotel Fantastic: Win This Book and Hit the Road (Maybe)

  1. The strangest place was an underground lake in Tennessee. They had very large bass that would come up to the side of the boats, waiting to be fed. They also turned out the lights for a TOTAL blackout!

  2. When I was little I went to “The Wonder Spot” in Wisconsin Dells, if you look up pictures you can see how weird it was. Unfortunately it was torn down in 2007 🙁

  3. I have to say the most unusual place I have been was an abandoned granite quarry in Vermont. The quarry had been filled up by the rain and snow and the water was crystal clear. There were people jumping in from atop the rocks and you could see the ledges and the edges of other ledges down below. There was no evidence of how deep the water was, that was scary. the grass grew tothe edgeof the rocks and there were boulders which, which were obviously deposited during the winter when the rocks fractured of the ledges above. Very cool place.
    I visited the Grand Canyon two years ago and could envision the Colorado River flowing through before the erosion. the heights took my breath away and it was hours before I felt ok to get closer to the edge, not too close though. what a spectacular monument.

    • Love the quarry in Vt . As a family we would stay in VT at my grandfathers place and that was always one of our side trips!

    • Oooh, we were there over spring break this year and the river was still frozen, so we could see the ice chunks going over the falls. Loved it!

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