Hooray for Fathers!

As you probably know, Father’s Day is coming up on June 21st! That’s a throw-back photo of my Dad and me at my grandmother’s house. Although the crazy perm I have going on is a bit distracting, you can definitely tell we’re related. Father’s Day is a great day to honor the men in our lives, related or not, who have given us love and guidance. And a good place to start is by giving them a card.



Check out this simple Father’s Day card that even little ones can create! It’s super cute. 









One thought on “Hooray for Fathers!

  1. My Dad passed away October12, 1995. It will be 25 years this October. I miss him so much. He was always there for me. Sometimes we had our moments when we butted heads but I knew I could always call and he’d be there as quick as he could. My favorite memories are singing on stage with at his friend Art Gibson’s Lounge and going aspargus hunting in Woodstock, IL. We had many fun and sometimes scary times. Like the time a Bull chased us because we climbed between a barbed wire fence. I tore pants and boy was Mom mad. Poor Dad got a yelling asking him “What were you thinking?” I was fornuate that I did an interview with for one my Classes so I have a recording of his voice. I listen to it every now than and smile and cry to hear the stories and his laughter. My eyes are filling up with tears just typing this. Time to stop and send this post.

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