Hi, Bob

Poor Dr. Robert Hartley. All he wanted to do was share information about his job with the third graders at the Tracy Grammar School. Dr. Robinson, the dentist, brought an oversize model tooth. Mr. Borden, the airline navigator, brought a model jet. The assistant fire chief brought a fire ax. The psychologist didn’t even have a cool uniform.

Yes, this blogger watched some reruns of The Bob Newhart Show this past weekend.

This trip down memory lane did serve a purpose, however, just as Bob’s Rorschach test inkblots did at the end of this particular episode. It got me thinking! Do you or your school have Career Days? And what are they like? If you have held Career Days in your classroom, what career seemed most popular with your students?

We’re looking for your tips, ideas, and stories for sharing real-world careers with young people. Share with us right here at the Upper Grades Exchange.

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