Herding Cats?

Tomorrow, December 15, is one of those totally random “holidays,” that pop up celebrating odd things. What is it we’re observing? Why, it’s Cat Herders’ Day—and it spotlights exactly what you think it does: trying to control something that is clearly uncontrollable. Finally, a holiday that is obviously for teachers! Do you feel like you’re herding cats right now? I suspect you do. It’s December in the middle of a pandemic. Now is the time for an easy-to-prepare game that grabs students’ attention, like this lotto game you can label online!

 When you click this link, you’ll see a print tab on the right side of the screen. Click the tab and then type in any desired information on the lotto cards—letters, numbers, math problems, or site words—and then finish printing. Follow the directions at the bottom of the printable for playing the game with your students. 

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