Help! Dust Bunny Wants a Friend—Win This Book

Poor Dust Bunny. He’s floating around, looking for pals, with no luck. (Apparently he doesn’t live at my house or under my desk. I know he’d find lots of friends in either of those places!)

Want to find out if Dust Bunny discovers a buddy? To win this book, submit a comment to this blog to let us know if Dust Bunny would be happy or lonely in your classroom. (Update: Congratulations to Jennifer, our lucky winner!) Send your comment by June 5 to be included in our random drawing. Good luck!

Poor Dust Bunny’s plight made me think of some neat contests and opportunities I’ve seen lately for reorganizing and revitalizing your classroom and school. And of course, they’re all free. Check ’em out!

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Here’s an option for a makeover for your teachers’ lounge. Visit and enter for a chance to win a revamp valued at $7,500.


Poor Dust Bunny, I don’t think he’ll be welcome in spiffy new spaces like these!


PS: Time is running out on our WIN contests. Click here to enter now.

34 thoughts on “Help! Dust Bunny Wants a Friend—Win This Book

  1. My school is located in a small farming community. I am always dusting and cleaning because of the dust created when they plow the fields. I am sure Dust Bunny would be happy here.

  2. Dust Bunny would love our room with all the sand and dust in the corners and especially in the closet! I guess we need to do some cleaning lol

  3. Dust Bunny would find many friends among the children in my classroom, but alas, none quite like them. Our classrooms are cleaned nightly and our caretaker, Mr. Sean, does an amazing job keeping the dusties to a minimum.

  4. Dust Bunny would have loved it in my TK class, until my students got a hold of baby wipes and cleaned the whole room up. I am sure though the next dust bunnies are just around the corner, waiting to take over again!

  5. Oh boy, are you sure Dust Bunny isn’t already living in corners of my Kindergarten classroom? Maybe those are just his family 🙂

  6. I know Dust Bunny would love to live in my preschool classroom. After all, most of his family already lives there!

  7. Dust Bunny would be so happy in our library!! We have plenty of kids that would love to sit and read with him.

  8. Our custodians do an amazing job keeping our school spotless. I am afraid that Dust Bunny would be so lonely.

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