Hello, Spring!

Spring has officially arrived! Today at The Mailbox, we’re celebrating the change of seasons with a spring-cleaning event. Our HR department has extended an invitation to us to spruce up our work spaces at 3 this afternoon. Cleaning supplies and snacks are being provided. I’m pumped! A clean office and snacks—whatta day! And it’s Friday to boot! Now where’s that spring weather?

How will you celebrate the arrival of spring?

Bye-bye, dust bunnies!

3 thoughts on “Hello, Spring!

  1. I’m celebrating spring (even though we’re expecting snow), by putting away all my winter decor & putting out my spring decor. Lots of pretty flowers & pastels. Wishful thinking!!

  2. Our preschool is closed this week for Spring Vacation, so we are coming in to move everything away from the walls, clean behind the shelves, reorganize the craft supplies and move things around in some new ways. We plan to create some new center areas and have things neat, tidy and ready for the children when they come back next week. We’re looking forward to having things clean and inviting as we head into the last few, busy months of our school year. And we hope our paper closet and craft supply bins will be easily accessible instead of about to collapse, the way they have been. We just haven’t had the time lately to refile projects and keep things put back as they should be. Spring is always a great time to reorganize and start fresh!

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